How to Recycle Paper Properly


Paper recycling is easy and everyone can learn how to do it properly including children. But for all who have just started sorting recyclables from non-recyclables, the whole thing may initially seem a little bit confusing. We will therefore go through the basics of paper recycling in order to eliminate every slightest doubt you may have about proper recycling.

What Kind of Paper Goes into Recycling Bin?

Just about all kinds of paper and paper products can be recycled including:

What Does Not Go into Paper Recycling Bins?

A few types of paper are not recyclable. These include:

As you can see, paper recycling really could not be any easier. All you need to remember is that food-contaminated, waxed and stapled paper, and used paper towels and napkins go into garbage bin.

Sorting Paper

Depending on your local recycling programme, you may be required to further sort paper according to its type. For instance, you may be required to separate newspapers, magazines and other coloured paper such as junk mails, and white office paper into three groups. Also, be sure to remove non-paper items such as staples and plastic stickers.

Proper Paper Recycling in 3 Steps

Step #1

Separate paper from the rest of waste. Also, follow your local recycling policy regarding other recyclables such as glass, plastic and metals.

Step #2

Sort paper if necessary. Remember that there are three groups – newspapers, magazines and other coloured paper, and white office paper.

Step #3

Dispose collected paper at your local recycling bank or arrange collection by a recycling company.

Further Information on Paper Recycling

If you have any questions about proper paper recycling, you are advised to contact your local authorities and follow their instructions carefully. Also, try to reduce your paper consumption to the minimum or/and recycle paper yourself. If you need an advice on how to use less paper, please read our article “How to Reduce Your Paper Consumption”. In the article “Tips on How to Reuse Old Paper”, we have discussed how to make useful items from old paper in case you need some ideas.