Support Paper Recycling by Buying Recycled Products


In order to save more trees and reduce the harmful human impact on the environment, paper recycling is not enough. You are of course urged to continue/start to sort your waste and dispose recyclables at your local recycling bank because each tonne of paper that is collected and recycled saves at least one tonne of wood. But besides recycling, you are also urged to buy recycled products rather than renew.

Recycled paper is not any different from virgin paper. It meets the same specifications and quality standards, and it has the same longevity and aesthetic appeal (brightness). Although recycled paper sometimes does not go through the bleaching process, this does not mean that it is always brownish and rough to touch. It can be but it is also possible to find recycled paper that looks and performs just like virgin paper.

Why is It Important to Buy Recycled?

Every purchase you make sends an important signal to the industry because the companies must follow the customers’ demands in order to stay on the market. By buying recycled paper, you are therefore sending the companies a signal that you are not only willing to recycle but buy recycled products as well. In other words, you tell paper recycling plants that what they are doing is not only environmentally friendly but economically feasible too and that they should continue with their work.

Tips on Buying Recycled Paper